FlexShape Flexibility Market

May 1, 2019

FlexShape Flexibility Market is a blockchain-based implementation of a trading platform, where households, energy communities, SMEs, and industries with local energy and flexibility capacities can offer and sell their flexible energy products to interested parties (e.g., DSOs, aggregators, BRPs, or TSOs). Bids issued to the market are similar to the Flex-Offers. They allow market participants expressing sell and buy offers in a form similar to “I ask X DKK for delivery (and validation) of 1 (of N possible) energy profile(-s) in the future” and “I pay X DKK for the delivery of the profile Y (of N possible)” for 1 of 36 categories of energy flexibility products, which are characterized by metering point location, delivery guarantees, and validation type. All matching bids are persisted in an immutable distributed blockchain ledger, implemented on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth.


As shown in Figure, the global ledger state is managed by a set of peer nodes. It is then automatically synchronized to local participant databases (by Ledger Sync components), where it can be efficiently queried and further processed by a specific trader application of a flexibility seller or buyer. FlexShape Flexibility Market includes a FlexMarket Manager Web application which allows configuring participating users and monitoring transactions in the market (see below).


FlexShape Flexibility Market does not yet include implementations of specific trader applications. These need to be developed, e.g., around specific energy management solutions used by various flexibility sellers and buyers.