FlexShape Energy Planner

July 1, 2019

FlexShape Energy Planner is a recommendation and automation engine for flexible energy use. First, it generates recommendations for individual electricity consumers (or producers) on when it is the best time to use individual appliances. Then, if the user desires, it automatically activates these appliances through automation/IoT. FlexShape Energy Planner is currently offered as a mobile APP which is tailored to residential electricity consumers and producers, in particular those with hourly billing in Denmark. By using the mobile APP, users can join or create so-called energy groups, the users of which jointly seek to reach a joint pre-defined target, e.g., reduce CO2 emissions or save money on electricity. FlexShape Energy Planner predicts and optimizes loads in these user-defined energy groups, and makes recommendations on when it is the best time for an individual user to activate a household appliance (e.g., dishwasher, washing machine, charge an EV). To make recommendations, FlexShape Energy Planner takes CO2 and price predictions, and user actions into account. Finally, FlexShape Energy Planner uses TP-Link smart-plugs to automatically activate the recommendations.


This figure depicts the data flow between FlexShape Energy Planner components as well as external data sources and sinks.

The short video explaining the use of the app can be found here:

The long video explaining the use of the app can be found here: