FlexShape Aggregator-as-a-Service

October 24, 2019

FlexShape Aggregator-as-a-Service (AaaS) is a system integration and application platform. It allows users (e.g., prosumers, aggregators, energy community operators) monitoring, managing, and optimizing (potentially) large collections of physical systems in a centralized fashion, and making them available for various practical real-world applications, e.g., for flexibility trading, self-consumption, RES utilization, cost reduction, and CO2 reduction. To make relevant systems available, AaaS offers a number of connectors towards popular IoT solutions (e.g., Azure IoT Hub, OpenHab, TP-Link cloud), data sources and sinks (e.g., NordPool open data), other FlexShape tools (including FlexShape Solar Predictor, Battery MPC Controller, Energy Planner) as well as a pre-defined library of tools for energy forecasting and optimization, and programmability components. All these connectors, library tools, and programmability components can be combined interactively by the user in numerous ways to build, monitor, and optimize complex energy systems (see below).


AaaS is still in development, having only a limited number of connectors currently available. At its full scale, AaaS will offer the end-user (1) a number of connectors to relevant data sources and physical systems (including batteries, solar cells, residential demand), as well as (2) applications for trading in the NordPool Flexible Order, Nodes, EPEX Spot and FlexShape flexibility markets.