Collaboration and Partners

FlexShape participates in several research and innovation projects, where we co-develop and demonstrate flexible energy solutions.

GOFLEX Extended Observation Period

FlexShape's Aggregator-As-A-Service platform will be used at German DSO/multi-utility StadtWerke Wunsiedel (SWW).

In the GOFLEX Extended Observation Period, German StadtWerke Wunsiedel (SWW) will pay selected GOFLEX technology providers to run and maintain the SWW GOFLEX flexibility solution over a 3 year period and bridge it with the ongoing FEVER project (see below). In the video in the link, SWW CEO Marco Krasser explains about the GOFLEX system (with FlexShape FlexOffers) "...we will find a powerful, scalable, transferable solution that revolutionizes the energy market in Germany, and in Europe, and takes it to a new level!" More details


  • Partners: StadtWerke Wunsiedel (SWW), FlexShape, INEA, IBM, and other GOFLEX technology providers
  • Time period: 2020 - 2023 (3-year project)

Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation (FEVER)

In FEVER, FlexShape and our 16 partners across 5 universities, 4 DSOs, 1 TSO, and leading technology companies like IBM Research, implement and demonstrate solutions and services that leverage flexibility towards offering electricity grid services that address problems of the distribution grid, thus enabling it to function in a secure and resilient manner.

In FEVER, FlexShape will extend its Aggregator-As-A-Service platform to support even more advanced FlexOffers and trading in FEVER. FlexShape will also extend related tools such as its Energy Planner and FlexShape Flexibility Market. More details


  • 18 participants from universities, utilities and TSO, tech companies, and local government
  • Time period: 2020 - 2023 (3.5-year project)
  • Project budget of 9.9 mio. Euro.

Flexible Energy Denmark (FED)

In FED, FlexShape and our 23 partners across 4 universities and Danish energy system operators will further develop and utilize the latest digital technologies to reduce climate impact and create greater security of supply in the electricity grid, with less investments. The FED goal is to make Danish electricity consumption flexible so that it will be possible to utilize surplus electricity from wind turbines and solar cells. In FED, FlexShape will work with living labs and data lakes and make data-intelligent couplings of energy systems. The idea is to store the power virtually for example through the district heating network. The Innovation Fund Denmark supports FED with DKK 30 million. More details


  • 28 participants from universities, utilities, companies and municipalities
  • Time period: 2019 - 2023 (4-year project)
  • Project budget of DKK 44 million.

Low-cost Grid Voltage Monitor based on Smart Plugs

FlexShape received support from Innovation Fund Denmark under the InnoBooster program to extend its Aggregator-as-a-Service platform with a new Voltage Monitor app that utilises cheap, off-the-shelf smart plugs to measure in-house voltage in real-time, process it using AI techniques, visualize the processed data, and generate alerts in case of urgent problems. Here, FlexShape collaborates with the German DSO SWW and the Danish DSO TREFOR.


  • Time period: 2021 - 2022

Intelligent energy optimization in housing associations with PV and batteries

FlexShape received support from Innovation Fund Denmark under the InnoBooster program to develop an intelligent solution for housing associations with PV and batteries, to increase self-consumption of locally produced renewable energy. Here, FlexShape collaborates with two Danish companies DanSolar and VisBlue and develops a solution to:

  • accurately predict PV supply based on real-time measurements;
  • optimize battery charging and discharging in alignment to the PV supply;
  • procure electricity from existing electricity markets for periods with too little PV production, e.g., nights or winters;
  • provide auxiliary grid services.


  • Time period: 2018 - 2020